Griselda Enriquez is the owner of El Azteca Mexican Restaurant. She was born in Farmington, New Mexico. Her parents are from Chihuahua Mexico. When she was 9 months old, she and her parents moved to a small town called Ejido Lazaro Cardenas, Chihuahua Mexico. She spent the next 18 years of her life learning the beautiful culture of Mexico.
Griselda first started cooking when she was 11 years old, with red mac and cheese being the first dish she learned how to cook. Griselda always liked to help her mom and grandmas in the kitchen, creating authentic Mexican dishes. She came back to the United States in January of 2000 for few months of vacation. Little did she know she would end up staying in the United States, moving to Albuquerque NM, Oklahoma, and Farmington, NM.
Griselda is a single mother of 3 boys – Alen (15), Alex (12), and Ayden (7). She has been a busy mom up to this point raising her family. She finished her business degree in 2014 online from Brookline College in New Mexico. Griselda has been in the Bakken area since September 2011, but in December 2014 she decided it was the right time to make her dream come true of owning her own restaurant. She has always loved to cook and immediately upon moving to Minot, North Dakota, recognized there were not many Mexican restaurants. That’s when El Azteca was born. She opened the restaurant in April 2015. El Azteca is a family restaurant that specializes in authentic Mexican food on the go.
They make some of the same Mexican dishes Griselda learned to prepare from her family but also many other familiar favorites. El Azteca makes everything from scratch and they have a variety of dishes, ranging from spicy, vegetarian, kids plates, and non-spicy dishes. The tamales and chiles rellenos are the recipes Griselda learned from her family. El Azteca also has green chile and red chile from Hatch, New Mexico. It can’t be found anywhere else in Minot. Seeing the demand for large orders, El Azteca now offers catering for events and special order tamales for holidays. “I’m very happy to be a part of this wonderful community and to bring my culture and flavor from Chihuahua, Mexico and New Mexico to Minot,” says Griselda.